Wins tango dancing championship at Luna Park.

1952 / 1955
First choreographic ensembles.


First Tours. "The local success of his ideas, TV and movie cameos, cabaret and club shows leads him to leave Buenos Aires to explore the artistic scene abroad."

Meeting with Astor Piazzolla. “Together we set up a show that became a huge success in Puerto Rico. We made our debut at the Waldorf Astoria and at the Chateau Madrid in New York."

Meeting with "el Chúcaro". Chateau Madrid hosted the first boleadoras show in United States. Cast of the "Copes Argentina Revue" features María Nieves, Santiago Ayala "El Chúcaro", Norma Viola and musical director Astor Piazzolla.

Broadway Debut. "Thanks to our success in Chateau Madrid, Nieves and I were chosen for New Face 62 at the Alvin Theatre on Broadway."

Caño 14. "The world was all about the Café Concert. In Buenos Aires, the tango cathedral Caño 14 asked me to invent the concept of the Tango Show. It rapidly spread to all tango bars and set a new trend on the Porteño night scene: tango dancing!"

Simply Pichuco. I take part in "Simplemente Pichuco" during the artist’s final theatrical season before his death.

1983 / 1985
Tango Argentino Cia. Debut. "An old idea by Claudio Segovia. We worked hard on this challenging show, which was finally taken to the Fall Festival in Paris, November 1983. This company was so successful that the show ran for 10 years. After the big hit on Broadway, Tangomania spread through the entire world, and there were many imitations."

1988 / 1989 /1992
Tango, Tango... together with Daniel Maña we created this title to celebrate the "Hundred years of tango". María de Buenos Aires, Opera by Ferrer and Piazzolla, choreographed by and starring Juan Carlos Copes. The premiere was in Brazil in the cities of Rio de Janeiro, San Pablo and Curitiva.

Dance Icons. The show launched Eleonora Cassano as a solo dancer. A trilogy was formed with Mukhamedov, Copes and José Antonio from the Ballet Nacional Español.

Entre Borges y Piazzola. (Between Borges and Piazzolla).
A dream dating back to 1965, when a long play was
released with music by Astor Piazzolla and lyrics by
Jorge Luis Borges, with musician Medina Castro and
singer Edmundo Rivero. This dream came true in 1997,
in a three-dimensional show in which all the music on the
record was brought to the stage. I played the role of a puppeteer - maybe even a goblin - and sometimes a
typical tango personage, the thug.

Tango, la película. (Tango, the Movie). I still receive a
royalty payment for the copyright, as the creator of
the Juan Carlos Copes Milonga. The film was a
worldwide blockbuster.

Sentimiento de Tango. (A Tango Feeling) It was just an
idea to bring together couples and singers to create a
tango show. I had the pleasure of presenting Alberto
Podestá, my singing idol.

Workshops in Miami "Copes Tango Copes", 50 Years of Tango Dancing at Teatro Avenida (Buenos Aires); Teatro Auditórium in Mar del Plata; Conrad Hotel in Punta del
Este (Uruguay)

"Copes Tango Copes" tours the country and 8 cities in
Brazil. Workshops held in Miami. Gala Night at the Teatro Colón, Buenos Aires. Presentation at Yale University
for its 300 anniversary, with former US President
George Bush in the audience.

"Copes Tango Copes" at the Reckling Hausen Festival, Germany. Workshops in Miami. "Copes Tango Copes",
Teatro Podestá, La Plata.

TV documentary for Japan. Workshops and theatre shows
in Japan. TV documentary for Holland. TV Special in
Lebanon. Workshops in Miami.

"Argentina todo un Show", (Argentina, a Wonderful Show)
with Nito Artaza, Raúl Lavie, Valeria Lynch, and Ingrid
Grudke at Teatro Atlas, Mar del Plata. "Argentina todo un Show", Teatro Broadway, Buenos Aires. "Copes Tango
Copes" in the Ukraine, 3 cities – for the first time, the
tango was performed without Copes but with the entire company, starring Johana Copes. Presentations in Tokyo, Japan: Theater shows and workshops. Warsaw, Poland: Theater show – featuring the tango dancing for
the first time.

Tango Festival in Seville, Spain. Tango Festival in
Granada, Spain. "Argentina es Tango" (Argentina is
Tango) at the Conrad Hotel in Punta del Este, Uruguay.

Tarbes Festival, Francia - Justo Darak Festival, San Luis - Tango Festival in Granada, España - Dancing aboard Cruise

"Esquina de Carlos Gardel", Buenos Aires - “Bailemos Tango” Festival – “Justo Darak” Festival, San Luis, La Falda - Costa Tango Cruise Dancing aboard

"Esquina de Carlos Gardel", Buenos Aires - Dance Festival, Beirut – San Luis Festival, Argentina - "Bailemos Tango" Festival, Buenos Aires

"Esquina de Carlos Gardel", Buenos Aires - Justo Darak Festival, San Luis - Luna Park with Nelly Omar - World Tango Tribute, Gov. Ciudad of Bs.As. Teatre Avenida - Tribute Milonga at Open Sky - Academy National of Tango

Born on 31 May, 1931 at his grandparents' house at 6695 Rodó St. in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Mataderos. While his mother was in labor, tangos were being played in the courtyard. The musicians were his maternal grandfather, Juan Berti – the first flute player in the history of tango – and a friend playing the bandoneon. Juan Carlos studied to be an electrician. It was in his days as a student, while living in the neighborhood of Villa Pueyrredón, that he first stepped inside a milonga, just before turning 18. The milonga was located in front of the Botanical Gardens and it was called Parque Norte. What Juan Carlos saw that night determined his future. From then on, he was determined to become a "Milonguero".