I’d like to point out that there is no one - and there will never be anyone - who knows the “truth" about tango dancing. Since it expresses feelings, it cannot acquire a particular form. That is the reason why I do not accept the title of “master” and much less "professor". You may become a reference point or a guide for someone who – no matter his/her age - "feels" the tango and wants to dance it; and this is certainly a student's first obligation. Hence, yes, it is possible to offer some help, to aid and nurture this fondness for something so noble, so pure and so Argentine.


Juan Carlos Copes does not give open classes, nor is there a school where students are prepare to their method.

Juan Carlos Copes only gives private lessons
coordinating day, time and availability.

Classes can be for groups, couples or privately.


mia@copestangodanza.com.ar; T.E. (54 11) 15 5057-4109
Granada City Hall, Spain; workshops at Stanford University, California USA; University of Chicago USA; workshops in Madrid, Spain; Juilliard School New York, USA; workshops in Miami USA; workshops in Japan; workshops in Germany; workshops in Switzerland; workshops in Holland; workshops in Belgium; Escuela de Danzas María Ruanova.
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Myriam Copes (54 11) 15 5057-4109